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Taliban Hunters, The 1x49

Last December’s attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar when the Taliban killed 145 people, 132 of them children, was the most public moment in a war that has been growing in intensity for the last five years. Taliban fighters have moved into Pakistan’s cities in strength and now threaten to bring chaos to the streets.  The greatest prize in this war is Karachi, Pakistan’s commercial center, where the terrorists now control entire districts. Bombings are a regular occurrence, financed through kidnappings, assassinations, drugs, gambling and even prostitution.  Ijaz leads a group of around 100 dedicated cops who take the fight to the Taliban. In the dead of night, these men carry out lightning raids on Taliban strongholds in the city—it’s simply too dangerous to operate at any other time of the day. On average, a cop is killed every 36-hours in Karachi. Ijaz believes in answering fire with fire and his team has faced frequent allegations of torturing suspects for information.  His team has become known as “The Taliban Hunters,” the front-line commandos against a ruthless enemy.