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Visions of England 1x56

From the Cliffs of Dover to the magnificent stretch of the Thames River, from Stonehenge to Big Ben, Brighton, Bath, and beyond, Visions of England offers a tour of Southern England, the North Country and Midlands, and London as never before. A helicopter-mounted camera surveys the England of history and mysteries, literature and fairy tales, castles and conquerors. Stunning visuals are set to an Anglocentric soundtrack, including Gilbert and Sullivan melodies. Visions of England is the Anglophile’s ultimate tour. In the South, highlights include Cheddar Gorge; the ports of Southampton where the Titanic and Mayflower journeys began; and the chalk figures that can only be truly appreciated from an aerial vantage point. In the North, the tour visits The Beatles’ Liverpool and other commercial cities that birthed more than one generation of great popular music. In London, popular tourist attractions are transformed by the new perspective. Literary highlights of the itinerary include Nottingham Castle, William Shakespeare’s birthplace (Stratford Upon Avon), the moors of Lorna Doone, the sites of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Jane Austen’s romantic landscapes, and more; sports enthusiasts will thrill to a center court experience at Wimbledon; and royal watchers enjoy a king’s ransom of castles.