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Visions of Greece: Off the Beaten Path 1x56

Visions of Greece: Off the Beaten Path begins far from the tourist trade in Thraki—the remote northeastern corner of the mainland that is the least populated area of Greece. In Macedonia, once the capital of an ancient empire, flatlands give way to lush, rolling hills and the rugged Rodope mountain range. Crete and Corfu draw tourists from all over the world to wall-to-wall resorts and pristine beaches, but off the beaten path the camera finds small port towns and other treasures few travelers have a chance to explore.

This exciting documentary reveals some startling surprises—the smoldering crater of the Nissos volcano; the snow-covered mountains of Lefká; a monastery on Ourimopolis whose tradition maintains visitors at a 500-yard distance from the peninsula borders; the remains of 2,000 year old agoras, ancient marketplaces that still bustle with the daily rhythms of Greek city life; hilltop towns and old fishing villages where the past echoes like a familiar refrain; and the glorious lake region of the northern mainland.