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Visions of New York City 1x56

From Wall Street to Washington Heights, down Fifth Avenue, over bridges, and across the grid, Visions of New York City celebrates the irresistible attraction of the little 25- by 2-mile island that has captured the hearts of millions and sparked countless lifelong love affairs.

New York City has long been a symbol of the American Dream and the first stop for immigrant families for generations—and in modern times the symbol of America’s continuing strength. This vivd film offers New York in all its striking juxtapositions of nature and modern progress, geometry and geography: the harbor from Lady Liberty’s perspective; Central Park as the birds experience it; the crucifix architecture of St. Patrick’s Cathedral as intended from the heavens; neighborhoods from the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Chinatown, Harlem and the Upper West Side, and more. Aerial and ground footage enhanced by informative narration highlight the city’s iconic images, boundless energy, and enduring allure.