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Visions of Scotland 1x56

Visions of Scotland is a thrilling tour of Scotland’s historic and picturesque destinations, from the heather-clad hills of the Highlands to the low-lying borderlands, shot in high-definition from a helicopter-mounted camera and set to regional music with informative narration. Starting in the south at Selkirk, once host to a revolutionary army but now the picture of tranquility, this enchanting film explores the complexity of the country’s geography and history from a new perspective. In the popular destination capital of Edinburgh, dramatically set on a series of volcanic eruptions, viewers trace the royal mile of restored buildings recreating the city’s medieval beauty; climb the 287 steps of the memorial to Sir Walter Scott (Rob Roy, The Bride of Lamamoor) without catching their breath; and experience the romance of castles and fortresses. The aerial view offers an unprecedented angle from which to search the mysterious deeps of the Loch Ness; and the lush greens at St. Andrews golf course, where the game began. are seen from above the sightline of the longest drive. This journey through great glens, stunning waterways, sacred abbeys, hardy fishing ports and craggy heights showcases a bright, legendary land like never before.