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Visions of Wales 1x56

Few places have so long a cultural history, and such dramatic variety of landscape compressed into so few square miles as Wales. Visions of Wales captures this castle-filled country of contradictions like never before, from the southern tip at Cardiff to the summit Mount Snowdon. Breathtaking aerial visuals shot from a helicopter-mounted camera explore tranquil coastal towns set against bustling cities; farms and pastureland co-existing with the roaring sea; the haunting religious grandeur of Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey; and the untouched natural beauty at the River Dee estuary tidal pools all shrouded in mist. With this thrilling film, you are never too far removed from either the coastline or the past.

Set to traditional music including the famed Welsh men’s choruses, with informative narration about the region’s history and culture, Visions of Wales introduces the treasures of Great Britain’s western Annex so unique, its countrymen developed their own distinct language.