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Visions 18x56

Shot with the latest high definition technology from a helicopter—mounted camera, planned to precision with compasses for optimum lighting and angles, scored with traditional regional music—VISIONS is a 19-part visual itinerary, an emotional visit to your family’s homeland, a souvenir of the trip of a lifetime, and the virtual realization of your fantasy vacation. Series includes:

Visions of Austria journeys to the heart of the Alps capturing the idyllic essence of Central Europe’s crown jewel.

Visions of England offers a tour of Southern England, the North Country and Midlands, and London as never before seen.

Visions of France: Provence celebrates the timeless charms of one of the French countryside’s most popular travel destinations.

Visions of France: The Riviera showcases the sun-splashed Mediterranean wonderland known as the Cote d’Azur.

Visions of Germany: Bavaria showcases the diversity of Germany’s southeastern region—from the old world charm to the Mediterranean flair of the “German Riviera”.

Visions of Germany: Along the Rhine follows the lyrical path of the Rhine River through Germany’s southwestern region.

Visions: The Great Cities of Europe gives viewers an overview of some of Europe’s most interesting cities and locales for the ultimate tour.

Visions of Greece takes viewers on a modern odyssey, exploring exotic islands, storied ruins, rocky coastlines, and timeless tradition.

Visions of Greece: Off the Beaten Path finds small port towns and other treasures few travelers have a chance to explore.

Visions of Ireland reveals its “forty shades of green” following an itinerary from Belfast to Galway to Dublin that explores timeless country glens, abundant fishing ports, famous golf courses, and more.

Visions of Israel showcases Israel in all its diverse glory and witnesses the magnificence of the country’s many holy sites, including the Western Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Visions of Italy: Northern Style‘s flight takes viewers from the Duomo in Florence, through the Tuscan countryside, around the famed Tower of Pisa and up to the ski resorts of the Italian Alps.

Visions of Italy: Southern Style takes viewers on a seamless sojourn following the rugged western coastline to the toe of the “boot,” and then inland over the countryside to Rome.

Visions of New York City offers New York in all its striking juxtapositions of nature and modern progress, geometry and geography.

Visions of Puerto Rico showcases Puerto Rico’s many facets—whether up-close with vibrant dancers, or gliding over the placid beauty of lush rainforest.

Visions of Scotland‘s journey through great glens, stunning waterways, sacred abbeys, hardy fishing ports, and craggy heights showcases a bright, legendary land like never before.

Visions of Sicily showcases the unique and dramatic beauty of a place whose geography is born of powerful volcanic forces and shaped by the influence of conquering Greek, Roman, Byzantine, North African, French, and central European cultures throughout the centuries.

Visions of Wales captures this castle-filled country of contradictions like never before, from the southern tip at Cardiff to the summit of Mount Snowdon.