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West, The 6-part (6x50) or 8-part version (7x85 + 1x112)

The West, an epic saga of the American West, chronicles the history of one of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth. It is a story of how individual and collective actions changed history and shaped a nation. The series, presented by Ken Burns, explores the region from the times of the earliest Native Americans, all the way into the 20th century. As this odyssey unfolds, it reveals the many cultures and individuals who converged on the West from every point on the compass. Their disparate desires, so often in conflict with each other, resulted in triumph, tragedy, and some of the most compelling stories in American history.

“…fiercely and brilliantly rooted in fact…In enthralling detail it explores the day-to-day reality of disappointed gold rushers, stubborn cattle drivers, and displaced American Indians.”New York Times

“In tone and temperament The West is a mighty achievement, a forcefully stirring exploration into the American soul; a moving document of hope and despair that goes beyond legend and myth to take history to task.”The Hollywood Reporter

**Winner of the Erik Barnouw Prize**

1. 6×50 minutes
2. 7×85 minutes & 1×111 minutes