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What’s the Right Thing To Do? 5x45

In this 5-part series, Harvard Professor Michael Sandel challenges participants with difficult moral dilemmas, asking: What’s the right thing to do?

Episode 1: Immigration
Are wealthy countries morally bound to welcome refugees with open arms? Professor Sandel goes in search of answers along with Carolien Borgers, Philip Huff and Hajar Alariachi.

Episode 2: Robotization
Can machines and robots take over the work of humans? The participants discuss the moral boundaries of robotization and artificial intelligence.

Episode 3: Discrimination
Is discrimination always unjustified? Danny Ghosen, Hajar Alariachi and others go in search of an answer to the question: To what extent can and must you treat people equally?

Episode 4: Inequality
Is it justified that professional athletes earn exponentially more than elementary school teachers? Professor Sandel conducts a discussion with the participants, including Jeroen Woe and Philip Huff, about the ever-increasing gap between the poor and rich.

Episode 5: Privacy
Virtually no other subject has gained more attention in recent years than privacy. When is there an example of the violation of privacy? And what does privacy really mean?

From the producers of Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?


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