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When Disaster Strikes 3x55

Natural disasters are happening with increased frequency and ferocity, as the planet warms, unleashing extreme weather. This three-part series reveals the mechanics of disaster relief and follows the local governments and people responding on the groundEveryone must learn on their feet as they try to bring order to chaos, hope from despair. 

A Perfect Storm: MozambiqueIn March 2019 Cyclone Idai, a category 4 storm, hit Mozambique. It smashed into the coastal city of Beira and led to an unexpected and devastating chain of events. Flooding on a biblical scale overwhelmed the government and local aid workers.A Perfect Storm charts this extraordinary story as the world raced to help rescue and support survivors and bring order to the chaos.  

The Silent Killer: SomaliaDrought is “the silent killer”. Climate change means drought is striking more frequently and with more severe consequences. This film follows the network of resolutehumanitarians who work with the local government and affected communities in Somaliland, the Northern region of Somalia hardest hit by the latest deadly cycle of drought. Can they save livelihoods before it’s too late? 

Paradise Lost: BahamasAn epic tale of survival, disaster response and recovery as one of the strongest hurricanes in the history of the Caribbean strikes The Bahamas. The government and international aid workers battle to meet the survivors’ basic needs in the chaos of the aftermath. Can the islanders recover and rebuild their lives before another hurricane strikes?