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Wonders of Nature 6x46

Africa is home to a stunning diversity of animals all unbound in their natural habitat. Wonders of Nature is a six-part celebration of the most striking creatures in the animal kingdom revealing their extraordinary behavior and survival strategies. From the endless grass plains of the world famous Serengeti National Park to its iconic mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, wildlife drama is never far away. From the majesty and power of the big cats to the beauty and grace of the flamingo flocks, Wonders of Nature explores the tremendous scope of life and death in the bush.

Episode One follows cheetahs, lions, hyenas and golden jackals as they go out on the hunt. This action-packed episode looks at how evolution has honed the perfect hunter and how prey animals have developed to stay one step ahead of the hunters.

Episode Two looks at animal defensive strategies. Watch as crocodiles gently hatch their eggs and ferry their tiny offspring to the rivers and waterways, and birds defend their nests with gusto while cheetahs protect their hard-earned food from marauding hyenas.

Episode Three explores the concept of family in the natural world, the raising of cubs and chicks and the price the young pay in hostile takeovers.

Episode Four covers competition, the ever-present challenges presented by competing for food, mating rights or territory.

Migratory herds take center stage in Episode Five as Wonders of Nature reveals what’s at stake for those with no home but the ground they find themselves standing on. The herds run the gamut of predators and pressures unique to this nomadic way of life.

Finally, Episode Six turns to the rivers and lakes and examines those whose lives are dictated by the presence or lack of life-giving water. Hippos and giant Nile crocodiles find themselves uneasy neighbors while fish eagles and marabou storks fight over fish.


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