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World’s Greatest Animal Encounters 6x52

There can be few better ways to reconnect to nature than coming nose to beak or cheek to jowl with wildlife. This extraordinary 6-part series reveals the best places on the planet to encounter the world’s wildest animals. Discover where killer whales cruise the coastlines and grizzlies catch fish in the wild; trek deep into the jungle to meet silver-backed gorillas and embark on an African safari. From anacondas to zebras this is the ultimate guide to wildlife encounters the world over.

Episode 1: Jungle Animals
Encounter jungle wildlife, including killer tree-dwelling pythons and delightful monkeys.

Episode 2: Wetland Animals
Dive into swamps, rivers and flood plains with the local and varied widlife.

Episode 3: Forest Animals
Get up close with forest animals, including bears, koalas, moose and Tasmanian Devils.

Episode 4: Ocean Animals
Dive to places uninhabitable by humans and encounter regal whales and colorful reef life.

Episode 5: Grassland Animals
Witness large animals play out their lives in the grasslands.

Episode 6: Extreme Animals
Explore environments hostile to humans, but havens to many animals.

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