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World’s Greatest Cities 6x52

What makes a city great? Is it the location, architecture, or the ambience? World’s Greatest Cities circles the globe on a quest to discover the beating heart – and seething underbelly – of the world’s most extraordinary cities. The series ventures through the grandest old capitals and most modern metropolises on the planet, including Venice and New York, Hollywood and Bollywood, Cairo, Jaipur, Jerusalem, Rio and more.

Episode 1: Global Cities
Travel to the centers of wealth, power, industry and innovation, from London to Hong Kong.

Episode 2: Mega Cities
Travel from the high-density living of Shanghai to the sprawling cities of Delhi.

Episode 3: Capital Cities
Visit cities that are the official seats of government for their respective countries.

Episode 4: Port Cities
Great maritime cities bridge countries and continents and unite the global community.

Episode 5: Ancient Cities
Visit ancient religious and cultural centers that have shaped the ways we view the world.

Episode 6: Remote Cities
These cities serve as gateways to wild places, as well as trading posts and regional hubs.

Discover the World’s Greatest series here.