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World’s Greatest Engineering Icons 6x52

From the Great Pyramid of Giza & Stonehenge to Buckingham Palace & the White House, the world is full of extraordinary buildings that have become cornerstones of our heritage and culture. World’s Greatest Engineering Icons explores the artistry, ingenuity and technology behind humanity’s greatest architectural accomplishments; the structures that define who we are and all we aspire to achieve.

Episode 1: Sacred
Explore sacred buildings where people have gathered for millennia to commune with their divine.

Episode 2: Skyscrapers
Explore the world’s greatest skyscrapers — from Egypt’s Pyramids to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Episode 3: Castles
These are the most iconic castles and fortifications throughout the world.

Episode 4: Palaces
From Buckingham Palace to the Hawa Mahal, explore the world’s greatest palaces.

Episode 5: Power Houses
Explore the greatest structures that represent power –pyramids, prisons and parliaments.

Episode 6: Civic Buildings
Explore public spaces that make a statement about a city and the communities they serve.

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