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World’s Greatest Journeys 6x52

World’s Greatest: Journeys travels along Route 66, follows the wildebeest migration across the Serengeti, choppers over the Grand Canyon, rattles through the Rocky Mountains and sails to Antarctica. The series also takes a more adventurous route around the globe, seeking out the best places for walking, trekking, skiing, diving, surfing, riding, cycling and paddling.

Episode 1: Drives
A journey by road expands our horizons, allowing us to explore the depth and breadth of whole countries and continents.

Episode 2: Treks
Venture down the road less travelled with treks that connect us to nature and culture.

Episode 3: Cruises
Cruises offer a chance to visit the 70% of our planet awash in oceans, rivers and lakes.

Episode 4: Flights
Explore the world’s greatest marvels from the air and get a new perspective.

Episode 5: Land Adventures
Land adventures give us a chance to confront our deepest fears and soar into the unknown.

Episode 6: Water Adventures
Captivated by oceans, rivers and lakes, we immerse ourselves in an expanding range of aquatic experiences.

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