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World’s Greatest Natural Icons 6x52

From the top of Mount Everest to a fiery Russian volcano, from a sand blasted Middle Eastern desert to the Norway’s Fjordlands, the planet consists of extraordinary natural wonders each hosting unique ecology and culture. World’s Greatest Natural Icons reveals how the forces of earth, fire, ice, water and wind birthed these iconic formations and how those icons influence life and humanity.

Episode 1: Earth
Explore legendary mountains, valleys and deserts – and the forces that forged them.

Episode 2: Fire
Explore the greatest icons carved from fire – from Hawaii to Iceland, Russia to Africa.

Episode 3: Ice
From ice sheets to snowy peaks, glaciers to fjords, these are our planet’s frozen jewels.

Episode 4: Water
From the Nile to Kakadu, explore the world’s greatest icons of water.

Episode 5: Wind
See how wind shapes deserts, ignites celestial light shows and challenges the human spirit.

Episode 6: Life
Celebrate the Galapagos, Palau, the Great Barrier Reef and other biodiversity hotspots.

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