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World’s Greatest Natural Wonders 6x52

The natural world is full of marvels: from the highest mountains to the deepest lakes on earth. This six-hour series looks at the most iconic natural wonders on the planet; the world’s greatest mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, volcanoes, caves, waterfalls and more. From Africa’s great savannah lands to the active volcano on Tanna; from Mt Everest to the Great Barrier Reef; from Croatia’s lush forests and jaw-dropping waterfalls to America’s iconic Grand Canyon, this series is set to inspire nature lovers the world over.

Episode 1: Mountains
Nowhere are natural forces more evident at work than in the world’s great mountains.

Episode 2: Volcanoes
See how volcanoes cause death and destruction, but also give rise to new life.

Episode 3: Glaciers
Glaciers leave an impression on the landscape and on all who witness to their splendor.

Episode 4: Rivers
As rivers meander through the landscape, they shape it, eventually flowing out to the sea.

Episode 5: Deserts
For all their reputation as inhospitable places, deserts are full incredible plants and animals that have adapted to the climate.

Episode 6: Coasts
Coastlines have always captivated humans, inspiring us to venture beyond the horizon.

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