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Current Affairs – Lineup – Exclusive Look

Thursday, September 17th
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Screen our recorded session to see producer James Jacoby and correspondent and New Yorker writer, Jelani Cobb discuss exclusive details of their newest film, Policing the Police 2020. The session also provides an update on the production of The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden and features an exclusive preview clip from our new acquisition, Black Box Syria.

The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden

FRONTLINE’s The Choice 2020 will explore the character of the candidates by examining the formative episodes in their lives through interviews with those who know them best. 1×114 HD

Policing the Police 2020

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, New Yorker writer Jelani Cobb examines prospects for reform, and returns to the case of one troubled department he first visited in 2016. 1×60 HD

Black Box Syria

Black Box Syria highlights the regional and international levels of the conflict, as well as the core problem: the totalitarian dictatorship of a family clan. 1×90 HD

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Event Speakers
  • Tom Koch

    Vice President, PBS International

  • James Jacoby

    Producer, FRONTLINE

  • Jelani Cobb

    Correspondent & The New Yorker Writer

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