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History Lineup – Exclusive Look

Wednesday, September 16th
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Screen our recorded session where Paul Elston of Brave New Media joins us to discuss his riveting new film, The Queen and the Coup, and Stephanie Carter from WNET speaks about Gangster’s Gold, the newest installment in the globally popular Secrets of the Dead series. We will also show a trailer of Driving While Black from Steeplechase Films, airing this October on PBS in the U.S. Lastly, we will share an exclusive clip from Love Parade – The Trial, which details the court trial following the worst disaster in counter-culture history.

The Queen and the Coup

On the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, she had no idea she was about to be deployed in a secret plot to topple Iran’s democratic leader in favor of an all-powerful Shah. Using newly declassified secret documents, The Queen and the Coup unravels this incredible story for the first time. 1×60 HD

Gangster’s Gold

In 1935, notorious gangster Dutch Schultz buried a fortune in gold worth over $50 million somewhere in New York State. Now, armed with modern technology and newly uncovered clues, three groups of treasure hunters set out to find the long-lost “Gangster’s Gold” and solve an 85-year-old mystery. 1×60 HD

Driving While Black

This new film chronicles the history of African Americans on the road from the 1930s to the late 1960s—a crucial and transformative period in American racial, cultural, and social history. 2×60, 1×120 HD

Love Parade – The Trial

With unprecedented access, The Trial unravels the worst disaster in counter-culture history, revealing the corporate greed and public negligence at the expense of young people from around the world gathering for a music festival. 1×60, 1×90 HD

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Event Speakers
  • Paul Elston

    Chief Executive Officer, Brave New Media

  • Stephanie Carter

    Executive Producer, Thirteen/WNET

  • Betsy LeBlanc

    Director of Sales

  • Germaine Sweet

    Managing Director, Co-Productions

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