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Natural History Lineup – Exclusive Look

Tuesday, September 15th
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Screen our recorded session where HHMI Tangle Bank Studios Executive Producer Jared Lipworth tells us exclusive behind-the-scenes details of HHMI Tangled Bank Studio’s newest film, Nature’s Fear Factor, airing this fall in the U.S. on NOVA. We’ll also share exclusive preview clips from newly acquired titles: Under the Volcano, Glacier Land and Batnado.

Nature’s Fear Factor

A bold experiment to bring rare and fierce African wild dogs back to Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique reveals how predators—and the fear they trigger—play a surprising and crucial role in keeping wild ecosystems healthy. 1×60 HD

Under the Volcano

The snowy crests of the Cascades conceal the most active volcanoes in the continental United States. Foxes thrive on their slopes and tailed frogs mate in rocky streams, but the mountains have a violent past and an uncertain future. 1×60 HD

Glacier Land

The incredible force of glaciers shaped some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, creating a home for the wildlife living within them, but the delicate environment that so many animals from the mighty grizzly bear to the nimble pika call home dwindles away with the ever-heating sun. 1×60 HD 


As the sun sets, head inside this Bat-nado to uncover an underworld bursting with life. Bracken Cave is home to a Mexican-Free-Tailed bat maternity colony, currently forty million strong. Despite so much life, death looms on the cave edges. 1×60 HD 

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Event Speakers
  • Senior Sales Manager: Anna Alvord

    Senior Sales Manager

  • Executive Producer, HHMI Tangle Bank Studios: Jared Lipworth

    Executive Producer and Head of Outreach and Impact, HHMI Tangle Bank Studios

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