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Projections of America: The Films 9xVarious

Also available in HD are the newly remastered short films created by Robert Riskin’s film unit. The Projections of America films present American stories—of cowboys and oilmen, farmers and window washers, immigrants and school children—capturing the optimism and messiness of American democracy.


A JOURNEY chronicles how ordinary American citizens adapt to the disruptions of war manufacturing in cities and towns from Alabama to the Rocky Mountains. 15:30

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A JEEP was as effective as it is simple: a film in which the ubiquitous, utilitarian American military vehicle tells its own story with charm and self-deprecating humor. 9:15

CITY HARVEST introduces Americans who conserve resources for the military by growing food in Victory Gardens. 8:40

THE CUMMINGTON STORY is a complex portrait of a small town that at first refuses to welcome refugees from war-torn Europe, but over time learns to recognize their humanity. 19:30

HYMN OF THE NATIONS was intended for newly liberated Italian audiences to show how America welcomed the brilliant conductor Arturo Toscanini. The film was built around a dazzling performance of a classic work by Verdi and updated to include the anthems of the WWII Allies. 27:00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS is a lyrical tribute to one of America’s great public institutions, and the diverse cultures that make up the American population. 20:10

OSWEGO introduces a small town in upstate New York, to which members of Allied forces are invited to see America firsthand. 14:00

TUESDAY IN NOVEMBER is a candid look at the challenges of holding democratic elections in the midst of global war. 17:00

WINDOW CLEANER is a portrait of an irrepressible New Yorker who washes the windows of the Empire State Building, a jazz-laced reminder of the individual Americans who are as much a part of the American scene as its gleaming skyscrapers. 6:00


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