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Saving Luna: A Whale Story 1x52, or 1x94

In a true story that has won awards at festivals around the world, Luna, a baby killer whale, gets separated from his family on the rugged, wild coast of Vancouver Island. All alone, he seems determined to make friends with humans. People fall in love with him—a cook on an old freighter, a gruff fisheries officer, an elder and a young man from a Native American tribe. But the government decides that being friendly with Luna is bad for him, and tries to keep him and people apart.

This effort becomes hilarious and baffling, because Luna refuses to leave or to give up his search for a social life. This leads to battles between the government and the Native American tribes, and between those who love Luna and those who think a wild animal who inconveniences humans should be killed. In the end, Saving Luna explores one of the greatest of mysteries: Who are these lives who share the planet with us humans, and what are the connections between us that we do not yet know?


Inflight rights also available.