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Super Skyscrapers 4x55

As urban space shrinks, new constructions are being built higher and faster than ever before, creating a new generation of skyscrapers. Super skyscrapers are pushing the limits of engineering, technology and design to become greener, stronger, smarter, and more luxurious than their predecessors. This four-part series follows the creation of four extraordinary buildings, showcasing how they will revolutionize the way we live, work, and protect ourselves from potential threats, both from the environment and terrorist attacks. Super Skyscrapers follows the construction of:

The Billionaire Building: Follow the teams tasked with creating New York’s most luxurious residential skyscraper.

Building the Future: View a tower constructed off-site, then delivered to London to be stacked and bolted together.

The Vertical City: Watch the rise of a veritable vertical city, where tenants can work, rest, and play within its walls.

One World Trade Center: Follow the final year of exterior construction on the 1,776-foot skyscraper built on Ground Zero.