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Wild North America 15x48

Discover the amazing wildlife of North America with:

Under the Volcano
The snowy crests of the Cascades conceal the most active volcanoes in the continental United States. Foxes thrive on their slopes, tailed frogs mate in rocky streams, and pine martens hunt in the alpine forests. But the mountains have a violent past and an uncertain future.

Rise of the Redwood Giants
Coastal California is home to one of the world’s oldest and most iconic residents—the redwoods. Thousands of convergent ladybugs use their roots to mate and hibernate while the wandering salamander can spend it’s entire life in the redwood canopy.

Glacier Land
The incredible force of glaciers shaped some of North America’s most breathtaking landscapes, creating a home for the wildlife living within them. The delicate environment that so many animals from the mighty grizzly bear to the nimble pika call home dwindles away with the ever-heating sun.

Shadow of the Rockies
From bears to beetles and bighorn sheep to mountain lions, life in the Colorado Rocky Mountain range is as resilient as it’s wildlife, regardless of whether they’re big or small.

Golden Coast
Bus-sized humpback whales pause their migration north to snack on anchovy swarms. Elephant seals duel for control of the beach…and the mating rights that follow. The Golden Coast is a wild land, from its tallest hills to its deep, underwater canyons.

Death Valley
Death Valley is known as one of the hottest, most inhabitable places in North America. Yet against all odds–there is life in the tortoises, roadrunners, and coyotes that call the dessert their home.

The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly
From a coterie of black-tailed prairie dogs just beyond the ranch fences, to a black widow spider in the barn stalls, there is much more to a Texas ranch than meets the eye.

Desert’s Edge
From the looming peaks of the Chisos Mountains to the unforgiving Chihuahuan Desert below, see how this Desert’s Edge is teeming with life.

As the sun sets, head inside this Bat-nado to uncover an underworld bursting with life. Bracken Cave is home to a Mexican-Free-Tailed bat maternity colony, currently forty million strong. Despite so much life, death looms on the cave edges.

Travel down the Sabine River and uncover all the life, from American alligators to leafcutter ants, residing in the Gatorlands along the Texas-Louisiana border.

Mighty Mississippi
At America’s center, the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers combine their strength and transform into a juggernaut that splits the nation. Thousands of snow geese arrive with winter, and river otters hunt within breaks in the ice. Come spring, alligator snapping turtles emerge from the depths to lay eggs under the safety of night.

The Badlands
East meets Wild West in The Badlands of South Dakota. Herds of bison roam the grasslands—as much at home as the mustangs on a nearby mountain plateau. Pronghorn and elk test their antlers for the right to mate. Just like the frontier heroes before them, cowboys navigate this land of rugged beauty by horseback.

The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes
Northern Minnesota—The Land of Ten Thousands Lakes—is a lush realm of forests and wet bogs. But in winter, it’s governed by snow and ice. Timber wolves search widely with their powerful noses, while great greys—the largest owls in North America—plunge deep into the snow for a meal.

Secret Life of a Farm
Within the hidden life on a farm, wildlife in America’s heartland often face a life fraught with risk and danger. In order to share the abundant ecosystem with farmers and their tools, caution rules for animals on the fringes: in the field, above the hayloft, and hidden under plow.

Into the Appalachians
The Great Appalachian Valley is home to some of America’s greatest stories and legends. Today, the critters hunted by the likes of Davy Crocket and Daniel Boone still thrive in this little known strip of wilderness. In the shadows of the mountain range, skunks, raccoons and coyotes are just some of the wild players who continue to embody a frontier spirit.