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Coronavirus Kids (w.t.) 1x30

FRONTLINE profiles the intimate, real-time experience of three children and their families, as the coronavirus hits regions already mired in poverty. Filmmaker Jezza Neumann (Poor Kids, TB: Silent Killer) and his team document the toll of the outbreak on those who were already living in poverty and on the fringes.

Set as the virus first starts to appear in Ohio, the film tracks the families experiences as the weeks progress and the pressures and anxieties mount—a 13-year-old boy worries about his mother who volunteers at The Salvation Army distributing food to other low-income families; a 12-year-old girl struggles with schoolwork as her mother heads to her job at the gas station so they can pay the utility bills; and an eight-year-old and her mother are moved from a homeless shelter to a hotel room—all as the outbreak escalates. Available Spring/Summer TBD.

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